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June 15, 2016
Six-Word Stories … Day One

Dwayne Waite

Client wants what? By When? Yikes!

Bart Cleveland

Portfolio opens door. Interview gets job.

There’s no dumb luck. It’s planned.

Emily Howard

Mom. Marketer. Athlete. Friend. Steady. Happy.

Catherine Kaputa

Hard work plus branding equals success.

Yours Truly

Puppy paws on my keyboard. YES!

EMT-B state certification on horizon... gulp…

Phyllis Briskman


Messy desk! Tasks await! Take number!

Call back? Yay! Future looms. Large?

Aghast! Desk chaos. Page one.. Somewhere!!

Readers, send your six-word stories to angel@talentzoo.com, and we’ll run them next week.

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