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January 29, 2014
Send More Email! No, Really
Send more email!
Remember the motivational poster that said, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”? Let’s apply that to email marketing. People will open 0% of the emails you don’t send. People can’t open an email you don’t send.
“Don’t run that ad too much. You don’t want to risk overexposure,” said no good marketer. Ever.
I think people would rather admit to watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" than say out loud, "Sending a lot of email is a good thing." But let's think about it; you run the same ad in a magazine over multiple issues, don't you? And how many times a night do you see the same commercial on TV? The same reasoning of repetitive exposure in those channels applies to email as well. But I don't mean sending the sending the exact same thing over and over. It's okay for someone to hear from you often if you're switching up the content and keeping it relevant to them.
The same fight for consumers' attention applies to their inboxes. It's a feed of activity much in the same way a Twitter feed is. Does anyone tweet once and assume their work in that channel is done? No. But sending an email once and letting that be it for getting the word out about a special offer seems to be the prevailing thought.
I say you should send as much email as you possibly can. It's much cheaper to send an email than it is to run a print ad and certainly much less than it is to produce a TV spot. But let's also be clear that sending "a lot" of email doesn't mean sending "a lot of crap" email.
Increasing your send volume comes with a greater demand for relevant content. You'll be sending more email to your customers to increase their exposure to your brand name. Be cognizant that what they're seeing reflects the image and values you want your band to project.
Sending more email = more chances for someone to read your email.
Sending more email ≠ sending more crappy email just because it's cheap and easy.

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Sandi Solow has over 15 years of professional experience in marketing, web content development, and media relations. Before focusing on email, Solow worked in marketing for a Big Four consulting firm and as a web content producer for CNN.com and CNNSI.com. She is a past member of the Board of Directors for the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA). Check out her blog at isendyouremail.com/blog. Connect on linkedin.com/in/sandisolow and Twitter @sandisolow.
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