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February 10, 2009
Sarah Palin, will you be my Valentine?
Okay, I will admit I used one of the most obvious ploys to get your attention.
As Sarah would say…Gotcha!
Don’t’ worry, this article has nothing to do with Sarah Palin or politics. It’s about “paying attention” and this was intended to get YOUR attention. 
Lets face it, times are more challenging now then they have been for almost thirty years. With an uncertain economy and a new President people are naturally cautious or even scared about their job security and their future as a whole. I invite you to consider that we are all simply at the effect of "our circumstances" and there IS another way to BE.
I know what you are thinking, “this guy Joshua again thinks he’s got the pulse on everything and everyone…”. Well, for those of you thinking that (or anything remotely related) my ego thanks you but this article isn’t about me. It’s about you!
It’s now two months into 2009 and you are either in one of two places: You have lost your job or your hanging on to your job as if your life depended on it, and well let’s be realistic, for some it may.
For those of you who find yourself struggling, coping, dealing or simply up at night wondering how you got to “this” place. Take a moment and ask yourself these questions and let’s start exploring answers.
1. Do you find yourself bothered or annoyed?
Find out what is bothering you and deal with it by taking action.
Finding a resolution will stop your worrying

2. Ask yourself, what do you expect for your life? Do you expect the best or
find yourself preparing for doom and gloom?
Unmet expectations are the most common disappointment.
Reframe your expectations.
3. Do your goals motivate you or do fears keep you from moving forward?
Create a list of all your accomplishments as a way to visually remind
 yourself of who you are and what’s possible. Then post it in three locations
 you are sure to view it daily.
4. Does your past dictate your present (and subsequent future)?    
Let’s keep this simple: I invite you to consider that you create your present  
based on your past. For example, what happened in your past has an impact on your decisions now in the present. And if your present actions dictate your future, then ultimately your past is creating your future. Still with me? Okay, good. The question to ask yourself is, “what is the learning from my past (in whatever area that you are currently facing challenges) and how can it go differently this time around?”.
5. Can you see what needs to be changed and begin today?
After completing the previous steps, consider making a plan (in time) on a calendar and begin creating the necessary support structures you will need to move forward.
The New Year is just beginning and a New You can be in the making.
We could all use something back right now and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. No matter where you are in your life I invite you to take a moment, ask yourself questions that have you moving forward, skip the chocolate and give yourself a hug.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Joshua Miller was a senior creative executive for over twelve years. He has worked in challenging creative environments in a variety of industries with a wide range of professionals. Currently, he is an executive and personal life coach and CEO/founder of myinstantCOACH.com.


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