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February 15, 2019
Ryan Reynolds: Super Marketer?

Content marketing is far from easy. It's hard to create innovative content that attracts an audience. It's hard to create content that effectively tells the story of your brand. It's hard to create content that helps an audience connect with your products or services.

But clearly not for Ryan Reynolds

Ryan spent years trying to pull together financing and studio support for Deadpool, the 2016 movie that was eventually produced for $58 million -- basically bootstrapped, at least relative to the typical superhero movie production budget. (For example, Avengers: Infinity Wars cost over $300 million to produce.)

The marketing budget for Deadpool was also relatively bare bones, so Reynolds focused on creating content that audiences would not only consume -- but would also be eager to share. Inside jokes, off-beat humor, clever trailers... the marketing for Deadpool substituted creativity for heavy spending.

It worked: Deadpool went on to gross over $750 million worldwide, making it the most profitable R-rated film in history. (Proving that while talent matters, persistence is often the real key to success.)

Add in revenue from Deadpool 2 and the franchise has pulled in over $1.5 billion worldwide.

Now he's applying his humor and story-telling skills to promote Aviation Gin, a company he purchased a major stake in last year.



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