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May 2, 2012
Reaching for the Perfect Job: Part 1
Are you fed up with being bored and undervalued at work? Are your wishes or expectations unheard and unheeded by your boss? Or have you finally identified your true calling and now seek a new place that will provide you with the right environment in which to do the work you love?

You are not alone if you answered yes to any of these questions. In spite of the economic downturn or your fears of not meeting all the criteria a new job might require, you are left with only one option so as to avoid any further pain: Be true to yourself and follow your dreams.

More than once I faced the challenge of being authentic when it came to make the right career choices. Although my parents and friends wanted to make me believe that I just fit into the “engineering” box, I always followed my passion and worked at jobs that were important to me. As a consequence I left my position as a civil engineer after 10 years, got some additional education, worked across different industries, held more than 10 different jobs in over 20 countries and had a lot of fun, and was rewarded with deep fulfillment. Many considered me a rule-breaker or job-hopper lacking focus. However, breaking the rules by just being authentic not only fueled joy but also built the foundation for delivering great results to employers and the world as whole.
There are some things you should consider before you leave your current job:

Have the right intentions. Personal values that clash with those of your company, no mechanism for expressing your creativity, or unmet expectations are real, legitimate reasons that may bring you to a boiling point and force you to seriously consider a career change. However, never leave a job just because you do not get along with your boss or fellow mates. Such problems always start inside you and cannot be solved by leaving everything behind. Some people quit too early and learn later that they face the same exact problems at their new job. I recommend some self-reflection. Try to resolve your inner conflicts, which in turn may help to separate your anger with your current situation from your real intention for changing a career.

Dare to speak up. We often tend to make decisions based on assumptions. Dare to give yourself and your current environment a second chance. Meet with your boss and reveal your dissatisfaction. Ask for a salary increase or for further options to enrich your job. Many opportunities are often missed since people do not have the courage to express their true feelings and expectations. Speak up and attempt to create a sense of urgency, which is often a good incentive for a manager to start the crucial change process.

Remain consistent and credible with your message. Always tell the truth of why you would like to leave. Years ago I hired an engineer who was desperately seeking opportunities for working abroad. A few months later he left again, arguing that his family strongly disliked the fact that he had to travel so much. Later I learned that he actually left because he had accepted another job with a higher salary. He lost credibility and never received a good recommendation from me. Outright lies, especially now when social media has become so powerful, spread very quickly in the industry. Credibility remains one of your biggest assets and you must protect it at any cost.

Act professionally at all times. Even if you have decided to leave your job, give your best at all times as long as you stay with your old company. Sometimes it is difficult to keep your motivation and spirit up especially if you have a new job contract in your pocket. However, always earn a reputation for being dependable, professional, and cooperative even if you are on your way out.

In Part 2 I will show you the best ways to get the job of your dreams.

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Andreas Dudàs. Swiss, visionary entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker, and expert on authentic leadership. More than 20 years experience in top executive positions in over 25 countries. Founder of the BE SHiRO Group in Switzerland and India, dedicated to empower individuals and organizations to achieve greatness through authenticity. Author of “Do you dare to be yourself? Developing power in life and leadership through authenticity." Learn more about Andreas at www.andreasdudas.com/book.
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