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July 26, 2017
Quick Marketing Tips for Job Hunters
  • Focus your efforts and energy on getting interviews with hiring authorities. If your main focus is on getting a job, you might do something that cripples your chances of getting interviews—like filling out an application online or sending a resume—which will be screened by HR, regardless of whom you sent it to.
  • When you look for job openings, don’t assume that you must limit your search to only positions/industries like those of your present or most recent employment. If you feel that your qualifications match about 75% or more of what they ask for and it’s a job you’re really interested in, go for it.
  • Direct your efforts to the hiring authority. HR can screen you out—even for something that the hiring authority might care little or nothing about.
  • Experience is where you find it! Four years of experience in a similar position might well be viewed as indicative of someone who is wedded to a way of doing things that aren’t how the prospective hiring authority wants them done, and you should remind her or him that they won’t have to worry that you might question why they want something done in a different manner than how you did it at the company down the street.
  • Market your candidacy so that you can get yourself evaluated primarily on the basis of the capabilities that you can use to help the hiring authority reach her or his business financial goals faster.
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent being prematurely eliminated from consideration. Therefore, try to avoid surrendering your resume until after the hiring authority has expressed interest in you.
  • When you receive a phone call—if it’s from HR, be polite and professional, but don’t try to sell them. The goal should always be to continue moving forward towards being invited for a personal interview. If the call is from the hiring authority, try to exude energy and confidence, but don’t talk too much. Your goal is to secure an invitation to meet her or him personally. Her goal might well be to make a determination to continue the process—or to scratch you from the pool of viable candidates. To be safe, answer their questions—and if you sense they like what you’re saying, suggest that you would be happy to come by one day soon for a brief visit so you can tell them more about how you can help  them.
  • What you don’t or may not know about their business, the hiring authority could tell you fairly quickly—the capabilities that you possess are the result of your education and experience.
  • The simplest and most effective way to differentiate and position your candidacy is to communicate: “I’ll do the job exactly the way you want it done."
  • In job hunting, the best candidate is the best marketer.

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Tom Kellum is a job hunting consultant, helping people's dreams come true since 1987. He specializes in providing a personal job-landing service based on proven marketing strategies and methods. For more information, email him at careerkeysman@gmail.com.
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