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May 13, 2009
Proactive Reputation Management Hits Different Birds with One Stone
The internet has grown into a giant bullhorn with information ready to be communicated. Years ago before the internet a negative reputation for a business would take a great deal of time to travel and spread. Now with the power of the internet within minutes a negative post can find its way into the search results for a business’s branded name crippling new incoming sales and leads. Luckily the internet also has ways to clean up your online reputation, with a little elbow grease and patience you can quickly see the search results for your branded name go from tarnished to confident.
Social networking profiles are great for communication but if you build your profile using your business name you will quickly see those profiles ranking for your business name helping you clean up your search results. If you don’t have many social profiles you use now is a good time to launch them and get them moving around in the search engines. Getting into the habit of launching an online press release regularly announcing something occurring with your business will also help clean up search results. As you launch PR for your company using your branded name in the title you will quickly see that press release rank in the search results for your business name. This is something that needs to be on a schedule in order to have the most impact. If your company or business has an online video sitting around somewhere not being used this video should be on every single video sharing website online. Video profiles on websites such as YouTube and Vimeo are great ways to clean up your online branding. These videos will not only help promote your business but also rank in the search results for your name aiding in the cleanup of any negative information that might be lingering in the search results for your business name. The videos could be about anything. Everything from promo videos to how-to video work great to clean up an image. Videos not only help clean up search results but also build a trust factor for new potential customers. Reputation management can not only help you clean up your image but it will also create new business for yourself or your company.
It will be very important to start writing articles on your industry and position yourself as an expert on your industry. Your articles will not only show up for your personal name as being the author but now you are also marketing yourself as an expert helping you become an authority in your industry. The more you can and publish with your personal or company name the more chances you have for that to make its way into the search results for your branded company name.

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Nick Stamoulis is the president of the full-service Internet Marketing Firm, Brick Marketing.  Nick’s philosophy and strategies can be found in his SEO blog the, Search Engine Optimization JournalNick Stamoulis is also the editor and publisher for seven Internet marketing-related blogs: Pay Per Click Journal, Social Marketing Journal, Blog Marketing Journal, Email Marketing JournalLocal Advertising Journal, and Online Publicity Journal.

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