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August 21, 2019
Position Yourself For A Promotion In 15 Days
If you’ve been eyeing a promotion, now is the time to make your move: More than 100 consecutive months of job gains have given way to the tightest labor market in recent history, leaving employers scrambling to retain talent and putting you in the best possible position to go after more. Whether you're a few years into your first job or a long-time member of a management team, here is a step by step guide.

Day 1: Establish your “why”

So you think you’re ready for a promotion? To be sure you’re pursuing it for the right reasons, ask yourself these three questions.

Day 2: Define your dream scenario

The key to achieving your dream promotion might just lie in your ability to embrace change. Keep these six lessons in mind as you prepare for your next role.

Day 3: Identify the opportunities

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the only options are those right in front of your nose. Here are seven ways to find promotion opportunities, no matter where you work.

Day 4: Consider the timing

You may be ready for a promotion, but is your company? Before you make the ask, consider the timing and how you can use it to your advantage.

Day 5: Ask for more responsibility

A surefire way to prove you’re ready to take the next step in your career is to ask for more responsibility. The key is to do it in a way that sets you up for success.

Day 6: Plant the seed

Now that you’ve proven you’re up for bigger and better challenges, start dropping hints that you’re not just capable of handling more, but that you’re interested too.

Day 7: Secure a sponsor

Mentors are a must-have in today’s world of work, but when it comes to getting promoted, you need a sponsor: someone who only knows your strengths and will vouch for you when it's decision-making time.

Day 8: Reskill and upskill

Getting promotion-ready doesn’t just mean checking off boxes of past accomplishments. Commit to developing your skill set so this promotion is the first of more to come.

Day 9: Address your shortcomings

Everyone has at least one weakness—do you know yours? Identify and address it before it keeps you from reaching your goal.

Day 10: Avoid the "Peter Principle"

This is the idea that all employees rise through the ranks until they reach their respective levels of incompetence. Is it possible to break free from this model?

Day 11: Learn how to say what you want

Some conversations can be had with little to no preparation—the promotion conversation is not one of them. Take these steps to ensure that your ask is as compelling as possible.

Day 12: Present your case

Remember when you established your “why”? Well, now you’re going to have to sell your boss on it. Prepare to explain exactly why you are the perfect person for the promotion.

Day 13: Keep the conversation going

If only asking for a promotion were as simple as just asking. Here are five ways to keep the conversation flowing.

Day 14: Assess the offer

If you're made an offer, it may be tempting to accept right away. But before you say "yes," assess it thoroughly.

Day 15: Evaluate your options

Sometimes, going above and beyond just isn’t enough. Whether or not a promotion ends up being in the cards, keep calm and evaluate your options.


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