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November 5, 2003
Other Recommendations
My readers made many other intriguing, specific marketing suggestions worth passing on to others.
Duncan Bucknell (DuncanBucknell.com) said: “My suggestion is to look for high-quality channels, online and offline, that will distribute your content to the audience you want to reach. You may have to pay for some of this distribution, but I strongly suspect it will be worthwhile.”
There is great wisdom in this. When I have been asked how start-up companies can attract people to their ‘real-world’ seminars, I have always recommended that they find established organizations that hold regular meetings and offer your services. They are usually hungry for speakers, and as long as you don’t engage in a hard-sell, they would be delighted to offer their platform if you can provide value to their audience.
It is clearly cheaper and more effective to use established channels than build from scratch. Using other channels lends the credibility of a third-party endorsement to readers finding your work for the first time. So, as always, I have to apply my own lessons to myself here in hyperspace!
Many people extended this thought and suggested I apply the marketing concept of “co-branding” — joining in with others to help each other and take advantage of each other’s network. This could be as simple as inviting another blogger to “guest” for me when I am away, or teaming up with a client to distribute an article of mine to their audience in such a way that it serves all concerned.
As other people do, I am considering hosting webinars (online seminars) or conducting interviews with other prominent people in my field, so that I can serve my audience by bringing additional insights to them.
Lou Brothers had an intriguing and powerful idea: “By offering PDF downloadable books as well as providing excerpts and related articles on your site you reinforce your ideas. ‘Here’s an article on XYZ — and here’s a 100-page treatment for $10 on the same topic that brings together several articles with additional commentary and detail — click here to buy it right now.’ By providing context and immediacy you allow your readers who want more information to get it (and to your benefit).”
(PDF stands for “portable document format.” Unlike other file formats, PDF files preserve layout and formatting information so that a document looks exactly the same no matter what computer you view it on, or where you print it. Therefore, it has become a popular format for downloadable books, also called “e-books.” For example, I always make articles like this one available on my website in a downloadable, PDF version.)
Among many other ideas, Bill Peper recommended that I help readers find their way through the plentiful handouts and questionnaires already on my website by highlighting a different form (or video) every week, and providing a “leader’s guide” — an explanation of what purpose it serves and how to use it effectively.
The marketing director of an elite UK law firm stressed the importance of ‘repackaging’ material to serve the needs of different, specific audiences.
To a large extent, this is what I have tried to do with my new resource libraries discussed earlier, as well as with my podcasts. So far, I have completed two multipart series of 20-minute podcasts (one on marketing, one on managing) and am in the middle of releasing my third series on strategy.
These podcasts are, in the main, derived from chapters of my books and my articles. For me, part of the challenge and the fun of putting my podcast series together has been the chance to reorganize material into what I hope is an internally consistent sequence of thoughts and advice. It’s kind of like creating a record album of “David’s best dance tracks” or “David’s best slow ballads.”
So, in addition to serving those who like to listen rather than read, the new podcast series also create a new way, not previously available, of obtaining all my ideas on a related subject all in one package. My tracking statistics (and feedback devices) are letting me know that the material has found a new, much broader audience.

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