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September 18, 2013
Online Profiles: It's Not Just Copy and Paste
Social networking sites are no longer optional in your job search. Over 90% of employers are starting to use social recruiting, and the number is growing. They are online finding candidates, and so are recruiters. When I met with a PR executive years ago, she said, “If you are not online, you don’t care enough about your career. You will find that people have different opinions about this, but for your job search, you need to at a minimum be on LinkedIn. And if you are there, you have to put your best foot forward.”

These days social networking is also critical for your professional development, staying on top of industry trends, and keeping your network fresh. You never know when you will need that bit of advice from a colleague on the west coast for a recent project or when you will need to leverage those career connections for an unexpected job search. So, consider it for both scenarios, whether you’re conducting an active search or not. Below and in this video are four things you need to ensure are complete on your profile.

“Can I just copy and paste my resume?” Clients ask me this resume question often, and the answer is “no.” It would be so easy to just copy and paste your resume, but unfortunately you cannot. Below, and in the video, are the things you need to include in your profile, why you should include them, and how to write or complete each piece.

Professional photo. Seems obvious, yes, but I have seen some bad ones! Watch the video to learn more.
Attention-grabbing headline. Tell them who you are, but also make them want to read more.
Description. Describe your skills and experience relevant to the industry you are interested in.
Complete contact information. So they can easily reach you. (Include a professional sounding email. Alumni addresses are great, by the way…)
Check out the video to learn a little more.

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