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May 10, 2006
Online Green…the New Black

Ever since the early days of the advertiser-supported variety shows, advertising and marketing in the traditional sense have heavily focused on the mass-reaching mediums of television, radio, and print. Since the introduction of the world wide web in the late 1980s, online advertising has been treated as the stepchild of the advertising community, often viewed as a non-traditional strategy, even described as experimental. But as millions and millions of people became online users in the 1990s and 2000s, purchasing personal computers and subscribing to broadband, there has been a significant shift in the way marketers view the online space. Today, working in the online world has become the new traditional marketing channel. Online green has become the new black!

Today’s marketers are beginning to view the web as the primary channel for marketing…because their customer’s are using it just as they previously used the TV, video game, newspaper, radio…all in one place. Every quarter, more and more marketers are shifting marketing budgets to support online efforts. Today these budgets are millions smaller than the dollars earmarked for television …but these allocations are gaining priority and becoming more of a focus as efficient and effective means by which to increase business results..

Today’s consumers look at the web as their “traditional”, primary source for news, music, entertainment, and communications. The internet combines the mass reach of all the other mediums, providing more in-depth content that can be accessed at anywhere, anytime. The broadband experience has truly allowed consumers to view brands in a different mindset. See a new consumer electronic product on your favorite show, then click on the screen to the manufacturers website and purchase them in a matter of minutes. Go to your favorite artist’s website and click on a video of their most recent concert, and download your favorite songs to your MP3 player. Mix all the best elements of the traditional mediums into a new channel and what you’ve got is a new palette from which to brand, train, and communicate with your audience.

But just as newspapers didn’t go away after the introduction of the radio, and radio didn’t go away after the invention of TV, these tried and true channels won’t disappear. Instead the traditional mindset will expand and a new way of accessing, viewing, and interacting with content (including advertising) will emerge.

From an agency perspective, working in the new “traditional” world has truly been exciting to say the least. On a day-to-day basis, I speak with clients and prospective clients that are very intrigued about how they can market their brands through the exciting and measurable online technologies. This space is changing so much and working in this industry is fast paced, challenging, and rewarding at the same time.

When speaking to clients, our focus at Creative Digital Group is always to look at how we can help our client’s grow their business. The basic marketing principles are still applicable in the new interactive mediums We implement basic marketing strategies and create new ways to leverage new technologies to fill new needs. This traditional approach to a non traditional medium will slowly change the face of the advertisingindustry. And before we know it online green will become the new black!

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Ed Alba  is an operating partner and leads the client development and marketing team for Creative Digital Group. With more than 14 years of experience, he has worked on the client side with BellSouth, the Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Bears and full-service agencies such as Anheuser-Busch. Ed also has developed new marketing and promotional programs for professional sports teams and internal and external communication platforms for a Fortune 100 company.

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