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November 7, 2008
Nine Tips to Make Sure Your Paid Search Marketing Costs You as Much as Possible
I don’t know if you’ve heard, people, but we are in a recession. Unemployment is on the rise…profits are on the decline…and everybody is going to have to do their part – do their part to preserve the profitability of Google and every other online advertising company. So here are my top nine tips for making sure that you waste as much money as possible on your pay per click campaigns. Google needs you…and your money. So let’s get going!
1.     Send all traffic to your home page. Always assume that a person arriving at your home page can find his way to the actual information he was looking for. Make your visitors click as many different links as possible to get to their destination. Make a game out of it.

2.     Give your visitors lots and lots of options. The more different buttons and links there are to click, the better. Make your site as confusing as possible to navigate.

3.     Always, ALWAYS bid for the number one ad spot. Being number one should be your top priority above any other consideration, such as return on investment. Don’t be a wimp.

4.     Use vague, broad keywords. The less specific, and the less relevant to your actual business, the better. Avoid keywords that would be used by someone nearly ready to make a purchase.

5.     Write generic, boring ads that do not use the keywords in the headline or copy. And never, ever use dynamic keyword insertion. It just makes the ads match up too well with the keywords.

6.     Only run one ad for each of your ad groups. Who knows your customers or market better than you? If you think you know what ad copy will be most effective in generating clicks or conversions, just go with your gut. Split-testing is too much work.

7.     Run your account wide open. Make sure your ads are online 24 hours a day in every possible market. This is branding, man! Get your name out there!

8.     Never look at your account statistics. Just assume that your account is doing great and generating leads or sales. After all, you set it up, so it must be right!

9.     Only advertise on Google. You enjoy drinking the king of beers, and you only advertise on the king of search engines. Why spend all that time trying out different platforms?

Follow these nine tips and you will be guaranteed to give Google lots of your money and see as little as possible in results. So whip out that credit card and let’s get started running some ads!
It should be obvious that if you actually want to have SUCCESS in your pay per click marketing, you should pretty well do the opposite of everything listed above. Unfortunately, the above tips actually describe the way many inexperienced business owners or marketers run their pay per click accounts. Forget about any long list of tips. Here is a piece of advice that succinctly summarizes how to be successful with pay per click:
Be specific and test everything.
In other words, be specific with your keywords, ad copy, and landing page copy. Test different advertising platforms, ad types, ad positions, ad copy and landing page copy. And watch your stats so that you will know the results of your testing. Good luck!
If you’d like to learn how professionals manage pay per click campaigns, check out Scientific Search Engine Marketing: Strategies for Maximizing Your Pay per Click Return on Investment, available on Amazon.com or via digital download at http://workmedia.net/scientific-search-engine-marketing/.

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Jerry Work is president of Work Media LLC, a Nashville SEO firm that specializes in orchestrating Internet marketing campaigns that blend organic search, paid search and social media. He is also the author of "Be the Magnet," a new book on using social media and content distribution to promote websites. For more info, click here.

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