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March 24, 2014
Nail the Interview
It's no secret that people are looking for work these days, perhaps more now than any other time in the recent past. Even those with a job may be looking to change careers for additional income and/or better chances to move up within a company.
Finding a job can seem to be a hit or miss prospect, unless you're in the know on how to ace an interview.
Many people believe that resumes do all of the talking — that's not always the case. In fact, first impressions during an interview are very important.
You can get the interview right the first time if you take time to follow a few simple steps.
Looks Matter
Everyone should express their individual style. Of course, this doesn't always translate into landing your dream job.
Going into an interview wearing your favorite jeans, bright green hair, and piercings everywhere might work for certain places: comic book store, novelty shop, or similar places.
If you're trying for a job with a well-known company in your area, chances are that you're going to need to pull out all of the stops; your best business casual outfit at the very least. Be sure those clothes are pressed and crisp. Pull hair out of your face and look like the mature adult the hiring manager expects.
Physical Presence
Your physical presence is just as important as how you look.
Don't menace the hiring manager, but use a firm grip when you shake his or her hand. Don't slouch while standing or when sitting. You want to give the impression that you are at attention, but don't be too stiff.
It can be hard to shake the case of nerves, though you should try to relax enough to act naturally. Practice questions and answers with a friend or family member to help you.
Toot Your Horn
Tell the hiring manager about the skills you have.
This means that you should talk about things you have done in previous jobs that can pertain to the one you are applying for. Almost every job has the potential to teach skills useful in the next job if you think about it.
Before going to the interview list the things you did at the previous. Think about what you learned. Then phrase it in a way that pertains to the job you want.
Speak Clearly
Don't mumble. We've all heard that at least once in our lives. Don't speak so low that the hiring manager has to ask you to repeat yourself.
We all find it annoying when we can't understand when someone is speaking to us because they're looking around a room and not paying attention to us.
Alternately, don't speak too loud. It can drive us crazy to be yelled at; don't do that during your interview!
Stay Positive
This tip can help you more than you imagine.
While it might be tempting to talk about why you left your old job, don't talk negatively about it. Never badmouth a previous employer, ever.
Your potential employer might wonder if you were really the problem or if you would talk about them or their company when off of work in a negative light. People want to hire positive employees, not Negative Nellies.
Do your best to stay positive, upbeat, and keep any negative thoughts at bay.
In line with staying positive, take the time to review your online reputation.
As more and more individuals are finding out in today’s Internet world, employers are spending added time doing online searches of potential employees.
If you have questionable information and/or images tied to you online, look to bury a negative listing on ripoff report by finding out where the problem is, then moving it further down on Google searches done by employers. 

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Tina Samuels writes for a variety of websites, including Intelius.com. Among the subjects she covers are small business payroll, social media, and merchant accounts. When not working, you can find her relaxing at home in Georgia.
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