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June 13, 2013
NSA's Monitoring and PR's 'Big Data'
What's the difference, really, between NSA assembling millions of telephone records and PR pridefully gathering heaps of "big data" to know all it can about target populations? We ought to think about that a bit. Is this a new Age of Surveillance, whether for security or marketing purposes? And if so, is it really advisable? Consider the Smart Data Collective saying "...thanks to big data technologies, it becomes possible to get to know your customers, suppliers or influencers as if he or she were your best friend." Do we want that?

The Smart Data Collective (SDC) calls itself "The World's Best Thinkers on Data." We all need to do some deep thinking on the subject. "Public Relations," SDC continues, "is all about getting the stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about the organisation. With big data it is possible to understand what that point of view was, how it changes over time, what it takes to improve it and what the effects are of the PR activities done." Person by person. 

Really neat. Really? 

... Now we have a story, via Edward Snowden, about the NSA reportedly hacking computers in Hong Kong and China. 

... Also, please see the excellent, related post by my Talent Zoo colleague Christine Geraci on the Digital Pivot blog

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