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May 31, 2011
LinkedIn or Get Out
Facebook’s reach has such tremendous strength because of the central idea it’s based on — social networking. It provides a platform to form connections and relationships on a level not attainable in everyday life. 
It is not, however, the best social tool from a professional standpoint. Who really wants to see, or expose, their private side to current or future bosses and coworkers? That’s where LinkedIn comes in. It allows people to stay or to become connected with one’s professional social set. LinkedIn allows for both micro and macro exposure and business-focused endeavors. It allows one to be viewed and noticed all on your own. 
LinkedIn gives a user the opportunity to look inside an industry, and scale it down to a micro-view, peering into a specific company, checking out a particular department, looking at a precise title, and then viewing one person’s profile. The system allows you to make connections within a network, making it as niche or as grand as you prefer your network balloon to become.
LinkedIn provides a huge opportunity, granting outreach and research and giving you potential leads with each newfound connection. As an executive search firm, we use this tool every day. For those of you who aren’t on LinkedIn — join today. Keep your positions, roles, and companies up to date. Put in as many professional details as you want, but make sure that the important black and white is on the profile page.
We find candidates for positions ranging from directors to C-level executives for some of the largest luxury, retail, and beauty brands — and LinkedIn is one of our most powerful  tools. It is a channel that helps job seekers to find a dream role and employers to find a star candidate.
How do you get a company’s CEO, head of HR, or your future boss to notice you? Here’s an easy tip. What do you do when you receive a FedEx envelope? You open it — everyone does. Put an updated version of your resume in a FedEx envelope, with a short note, asking the specific executive for 15 minutes of his or her time. If you want to make it even more personal, include something that shows a snapshot of your potential and what you can bring to the company, such as a brief segment of your portfolio. More chances than not, the executive will appreciate your innovation and drive. These are relations you should create, because in the end a virtual connection may not be enough to get your foot in the door.
It’s important to build your network, request connections, and manage your base. LinkedIn is an easy-to-use tool with huge potential — so get out there.

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A founding member of Martens & Heads!, Kate Benson brings more than 15 years of industry experience and executive search expertise. She focuses on senior-level placements within the lifestyle practice and specializes in general management, sales, marketing, human resources, and operations. Her clients include global iconic brands as well as entrepreneurial startups.

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