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July 10, 2008
Let's Talk About Press Kits

I’ve been answering the question “What is a press kit and what goes into it?” over and over again for both PR professionals and business-owners during the past few months. I’d like to answer this question once and for all now, especially for the PR people who ought to already know the answer.

What Are Press Kits And What Are They Used For?
Press kits, which are created to provide information about your company, its products/services and executives, can be given to journalists, sales teams for presentations, or anyone needing company information. Press kits now come in various formats including paper kits, online and CD/DVD-ROM. Paper kits are usually presented in folders with pockets; online kits are typically on the company’s website and can be locked so as not to give away information to anyone who doesn’t have a code/password; CD/DVD-ROMs are a combination of paper and online kits that you hand out.

So, What Goes Into A Press Kit?
Let’s start with the basics (these apply to all formats of kits):


  • Press Releases.
  • Company Backgrounder – This is a story of how the company began until the present.
  • Company Fact Sheet – This includes a brief paragraph about the company (could be the same as the boiler plate), HQ Address/Phone/Fax/Email and other offices, List of Executive Team and their titles, Official Launch Date, Website, and any other pertinent factual information (example: product designs/cuts, sizes, flavors, etc.
  • Corporate Bios and Headshots.
  • PR Contact


The advanced items in a press kit include:


  • Press Clips – I advise that you include these when sending to anyone other than a journalist, as most journalists don’t want to read other journalists press.
  • Q&A Sheet – These are talking points, and if you’re comfortable, you can release them to the press; otherwise, they’re for internal/executives’ use.
  • Awards Sheet.
  • Sales/Product/Rate Sheet.
  • Games/Quizzes/Puzzles/Top 10 Quotes and Industry Facts.
  • Product Photos (High-res).
  • Editorials, Speeches and Media Statements.
  • Newsletters.
  • Testimonials.
  • Product samples.
  • Videos – These apply to online and CD/DVD-ROM kits.
  • MySpace/Facebook pages - These apply to online and CD/DVD-ROM kits.
  • Downloadable Screen Grabs - These apply to online and CD/DVD-ROM kits.
  • Downloadable Executive Headshots - These apply to online and CD/DVD-ROM kits.
  • Downloadable Logos - These apply to online and CD/DVD-ROM kits.
  • Anything else you feel is pertinent information that you would like someone to know about your company.


I hope this answers the question.  If anyone has additional items that they’ve placed in kits, other than those listed above, please share your creativity with all of us!

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Jocelyn Brandeis is an accomplished and award-winning communications professional with more than 15 years experience in the entertainment, consumer, new media, B2B, Hispanic, and nonprofit industries. She is responsible for securing interviews and media placement and creating full PR campaigns. Since co-founding JBLH Communications, the client roster has included: National Lampoon Comedy House, Doggy Tug, Mandinez.com, Play Clay Factory, The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, and The Child Center of NY.

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