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February 12, 2019
Katy Perry is Latest to Offend With 'Blackface' Fashion

And the hits keep coming.

Black History Month has been marred by example after example of blackface. In the commonwealth of Virginia, two top state officials confessed to wearing blackface in the past, and neither is willing to step down. But it’s not just our politicians letting us down.

Today, Katy Perry is under fire for releasing a pair of mules and a high-heeled sandal that feature bright red lips and eyes on a black background. The image is reminiscent of minstrel makeup, and people quickly noticed, expressing their disapproval online. According to TMZ, the Katy Perry brand is now pulling the shoes from retailers, and Walmart and Dillard have removed the offending products from their website. A spokesperson for the brand also said that any reference to blackface was unintentional.



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This article was published on Fast Company. A link to the original piece appears after the post. www.fastcompany.com
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