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January 5, 2012
Jump Ahead of Your Competition With Video Marketing
If you want to get your business two steps ahead of your competition, owners and marketing executives should include corporate online video marketing as a tactic in their marketing plans. Doing so will expand the conversion rates and success of any advertising, marketing, or social campaign investment.
The reasons for using online video fall back to video being the best way to build business value at every stage of the customer life cycle.  Here are few ways that online video content marketing helps businesses:
Bringing products and brands to life
Converting browsers into buyers
Improving customer service efficiency
Building trust and authenticity
Increasing traffic and time on site
Expanding audience and building brands
Improving internal communications with stakeholders
Because the use of corporate online video marketing is relatively new to the field of digital marketing, too few organizations use video content marketing effectively. Most are using traditional advertising and TV newscasts as their main web video productions. While most are posting these web videos on YouTube, some are just posting video content in a static video player that has no social sharing functionality or takes a long time to load.
In addition, many firms do not include mobile in their video marketing plans. Mobile will be one of the biggest ways that people will access your online video productions, so your video experience should be optimized for mobile.
Using online video production as a video content marketing tool does not have to be complicated or confusing. Most companies would benefit from starting their entry into business video production by using a professional video production company. These video production companies will assist your firm in coming up with the right video marketing content, planning and budgeting for it, and then producing the right mix of content for your sales objectives.
Many video production companies have skill sets in Internet video marketing services that include YouTube marketing, social media, and creating videos that have the proper call to actions included (hint — the CTA may not always be at the end of the video). You will know when you have found the right online video production company when they ask you about, and take time to understand, your current marketing and sales process. They should be offering video marketing content ideas that fit into your current tactics like cold calls, emails, trade shows, and other marketing expenditures.
The most overlooked video-promotion/distribution channel is probably the oldest…your sales and marketing teams. Most business online sales video productions get the largest return, not from views on YouTube or other social channels, but when the company’s sales team uses this content in their everyday sales and marketing activities. 
Most companies make the mistake of leading with self-produced, less-than-professional content. Make sure you lead with polished, professional video content as your firm should be positioned as such. However, after your professional-grade video marketing content makes its way into your everyday sales and marketing process, then go ahead and start filming on your own. Videos from your firm’s public appearances, conference presentations, community dedications, etc. can be filmed and turned into effective promotional pieces.
Marketing with video is not a one-shot investment. Companies should be looking towards planning for and creating a steady flow of online video marketing content every four to six months (depending on their size). The sooner you get started, the sooner you will reap the competitive benefits of this highly effective marketing tool.

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Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital Productions, has over 13 years in internet marketing and sales processes. Because of online video’s ability to captivate potential clients, Robert's vision is to help clients use online video to gain more qualified leads and paying customers. Marketing with online video has quickly become the "must-have" advertising, marketing, and communications tool for small businesses and corporate giants.
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