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March 8, 2012
Jobs Coming Home to the U.S.?
Ever since the term "global economy" became fashionable, eons ago now, it seems, we've had less understanding of where the U.S. economy has been headed. In the past few years, it seems to have gotten mired in uncertainty stemming from technological change and global competition. That could now be changing, though. 

Synergroup, a computer industry-staffing firm, says in a press release that "interest in hiring American computer specialists rather than outsourcing those jobs overseas has sharply increased in recent months." A Synergroup vice president attributes that to the costs involved in maintaining jobs overseas, something we haven't heard much about as yet. 

You mean those computer techs in India have heretofore unrecognized costs? Indeed so. Also, says Synergroup, American businesses are becoming more attuned to the PR costs "in shipping American jobs overseas." 

Could we be at the dawn of a new regard for the value of employing Americans in U.S.-based jobs? Not that we should be withdrawing from the global economy, mind you, just participating more intelligently there, in accord with our best interests.

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