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April 8, 2009
Is the Landscape of SEO Changing?
Search Engine Trust Factor is More Important than Ever!

It has been pretty clear lately that the search engines have been working hard to tweak their algorithms to clean up search engine results as much possible. Organizing the world’s information is not as easy as we all thought. Search engine optimization is something that has gone through many changes over the last ten years. With so much information and the amount of web pages growing at an exponential amount there has to be a way to organize all relevant information accordingly.
Trust factor seems to be an area that at least Google is starting to head into. A blended online marketing approach is what eventually will matter to rank a website in search engines. Search engines seem to want to see you in all areas of online marketing. If you are a business that is active in all the social networking sites and continuously writing articles and press releases amongst other things you will most likely climb in the search engines very generously. If you are branding your business or yourself in all corners of the search engines that is what the search engines like to see and pick that up as time spent to brand yourself positively online for your community to see. A fly by night black hat SEO person is not going to take the time to sit and wait to brand themselves or a client. Is Google doing this to weed out the bad apples that use and abuse the search engine? Probably. If you were Google wouldn’t you want only businesses who proactively brand themselves online rather than someone who performed some shady techniques to appear high in the search results? We are starting to see a large change in Google’s algorithm and it is for the better. Imagine all those clients you might have helped taking a nice steady growth of quality links and content will be able to pay off much quicker now. Using branding as a factor for search rankings is a great idea. What this will do is clean up search results with companies that are legitimate businesses looking to grow online in various areas the right way. It will also focus companies to use areas of online marketing that they might have not tried before creating more lines of communication online with companies that might have been quiet.
We already see signs of this in the search results. I’m sure many companies are worried that the really big businesses online that have large presences will dominate the search results and make it unfair for smaller companies. It will mold businesses large and small to make a shift on branding rather than rankings. Rankings are great to have but if your business is not generating any sales from those rankings that would good is that positioning?

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Nick Stamoulis is the president of the full-service Internet Marketing Firm, Brick Marketing.  Nick’s philosophy and strategies can be found in his SEO blog the, Search Engine Optimization JournalNick Stamoulis is also the editor and publisher for seven Internet marketing-related blogs: Pay Per Click Journal, Social Marketing Journal, Blog Marketing Journal, Email Marketing JournalLocal Advertising Journal, and Online Publicity Journal.

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