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March 1, 2012
Integrating Video into Your Marketing Efforts
If you’re looking for new ways to market your business, you should highly consider including online video marketing as both a stand-alone method and one that is integrated into your other marketing channels. Video will help your business get found on search engines and then engage and interact with customers at every stage of the customer life cycle. Many studies, from Forbes, ComScore, Permission TV and others, show video engagement and conversion rates ranging from 30–40% increases, which can mean a lot to the efficiency and success of your sales endeavors. So, from being found on search engines to generating leads to higher engagement during the sales process, using video content can be a powerful tool.
Videos are a great way for you to create a connection with your target audience and to reinforce the connections between one-to-one visits. Here are just a few reasons why your business should look to include online marketing videos as your next marketing tactic.
Increase Engagement
Businesses are constantly looking for ways to interact and engage so new customers can find them. They know that getting new customers engaged and interacting with their company is one of the best ways to drive sales. Online marketing with video gives businesses the tools that they need to create these bonds. Video not only provides customers with unlimited amounts of specific information they need to make decisions about buying your products or services, but your online video production can also get the customer engaged. The video can ask customers to post comments, like, share, or even create a video response based on the different questions that are posed, thereby adding customer-created content and more search engine­–friendly activity to a video channel.
Build Stronger Connections
When you put a B2B sales videos online, you can put your company’s people up front and out there for the people who are looking for your business’s products and services to meet “personally.” An online video advertisement will present a human face to these customers and create a stronger connection and a better understanding of how your company operates.  Product demonstrations and other “how-tos” solve your customer’s typical problems; even answers to FAQs are great places to start.
Integrate Video with Other Marketing Mediums
If you want to have a strong local marketing campaign, you need to have a presence in a wide variety of mediums. While you may use print, search engine tactics like SEO or PPC that drive traffic to a landing page or website and social media sites and videos posted on video sharing websites, as well as on your own website, landing pages, and linked to QR codes, will give you an integrated marketing strategy with which to engage your target market. The idea is to integrate video into as many of the various online and offline marketing channels as possible when promoting your business.
Online video marketing content, which can be self-created or produced cost efficiently by professionals, will set your company apart from your competition when prospects go looking for your services. The end result will be a return on investment through stronger engagements with your target customers, leads, and sales. For examples, stats, and figures about how online video production and marketing with video can drive sales visit http://www.nyccorporatevideoproduction.com.

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Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital Productions, has over 13 years in internet marketing and sales processes. Because of online video’s ability to captivate potential clients, Robert's vision is to help clients use online video to gain more qualified leads and paying customers. Marketing with online video has quickly become the "must-have" advertising, marketing, and communications tool for small businesses and corporate giants.
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