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October 20, 2009
Insight Into Seeking Social Media Services

Ragan Communications (its PR Daily branch) sics us onto a new article in Adweek, discussing where clients might turn for social media plans: advertising, public relations, marketing, or some of all three? It's hyperbole to say there's a "battle" for control of social media, which obviously isn't the preserve of any given discipline, but there can be insights into where to turn for help. Brian Morrissey's article provides some.

Here's a bit of its flavor:

"The amorphous nature of social media is sowing the confusion," Morrissey notes. "For a brand like Comcast, social media can amount to an extension of customer service, most notably its well-chronicled use of Twitter. For consumer brands like Pepsi and Coke, social media is an engagement tool to be utilized within advertising. For still other brands, social media can mean finding advocates to promote the company, which falls in the realm of corporate communications."

"The problem is this cuts across the org chart at brands, which typically divide roles into functional specialties. That structure is mirrored on the agency side -- and is holding back companies from adopting social media."

In today's complex communication arena, it's well worth spending some time with a piece like this.



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