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December 15, 2011
Improve Your SEO with Business Video Marketing
The use of business online video production is increasing every day. In addition to online video production being part of a company’s daily sales and marketing toolkit, a consistent video production strategy can enhance your search engine listings. 
Video SEO, or VSEO, is based on the fact that search engines such as Google and YouTube look at and index your business online video production as well as the titles, descriptions, and keywords. Google knows that online video helps businesspeople quickly understand the value proposition of your company and thus places more value on online video production content. 
Additionally, video is the only marketing tool that has a long tail…meaning that a video today can be used for many years to showcase your company and establish longevity and credibility. So, business website video production services can benefit you, whether you are a small company creating simply produced talking-head content or a Fortune 500 that uploads highly produced video, for many years.
Video SEO, or VSEO, is an important part of online video marketing, and done in conjunction with your contextual SEO can dramatically improve your search results. Whether or not you use a video production services company to create your business video, you should make sure any online video production is optimized for search. 
Here are a few tips on getting your VSEO started:
Optimize the Video Title
The title of your video will affect search results and thus the number of views your video gets. Don’t be quick to title your video after your company (unless those are the keywords you are after). Perform some preliminary video keyword research around what your customers would search for. Your title should contain your most important keywords. If you have older videos, go back and optimize your video tags and metadata to reflect changes in your SEO strategy.
Create Keyword-Rich Descriptions
Make sure your most important keyword appears in the beginning of your description. These should piggyback off the title of your video and textual SEO keywords to produce the best video marketing results.  Also, make sure to not put too many into the description — 10-15 VSEO keyword phrases are optimal.
Invite Viewers to Take Action
Tell the viewers the exact actions you want them to take WHILE they watch your video. YouTube loves when viewers interact with your content. These actions are key algorithm metrics YouTube uses for ranking and will get your channel and videos searched more by Google and YouTube.
Use Best Practices While Producing Your Video
To ensure the optimal performance of your video marketing strategy, and to get the most out of your VSEO budget, there are a few things to include in all of your video productions:
  • Hook viewer in the first 15 seconds — attention spans are short
  • Capture attention first and then present your branding (minimal branding at 5 sec max)
  • Make it clear as to what the video is and what they will learn
  • Invite viewers to take action in the video’s content and by using annotations and CTAs
Include Your Home Page and Other URLs in Your Description
Completely list your URL (ex, http://www.yourdomain.com) in your keyword-rich description. Include at least three links in your description to landing pages and other videos. This will improve your Google and YouTube algorithm rankings and make it easy for viewers to get more relevant content.
Publishing content on a regular basis will improve your algorithm rankings. A good target is to release one video per week, but this will ultimately depend on your business, competitors, and audience. 

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Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital Productions, has over 13 years in internet marketing and sales processes. Because of online video’s ability to captivate potential clients, Robert's vision is to help clients use online video to gain more qualified leads and paying customers. Marketing with online video has quickly become the "must-have" advertising, marketing, and communications tool for small businesses and corporate giants.
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