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April 12, 2017
I Read What You Wrote Last Summer: Your Online Footprint
When it comes to professionals seeking marketing, PR, and advertising careers, your resume is not your first impression — your social media footprint is. I mean, if you can’t market yourself, how could I possibly trust you to market my company?

The first thing I do after I scan a resume is look up the candidate on Google. I want to see what they've been doing lately. How do they show themselves on a day-to-day basis? What projects have they worked on? If I can’t find ANYTHING, I am skeptical. If you are a dentist and I can’t find you online, I am not going. What comes up when you Google yourself?

A great way to show your expertise is blogging. Blog — all the time. All companies have a blog these days. The difference between one blog and another can be summarized in one word: content. OK, maybe two words: relevant content. In order for a blog to be effective, there needs to be a steady stream of relevant content coming all the time, and it needs to be content people care about.

Since you are the product, blog about what you think is important! Blog about what is going on in your industry. Add examples of your best work as often as possible. If you have an online portfolio, link back to your page. Not only will this help your SEO, it will also lead companies to what YOU want them to see. This will also allow hiring managers to see that you are passionate about the field you are pursuing.

Want to be a public relations professional but don't have any corporate experience? That doesn't mean that you cannot show the experience you DO have! Why not write your own press release? Write a press release about how the best college student ever just graduated and is ready for a new career. Maybe you could write a press release about your favorite restaurant in town or some local things going on in your community.

The Bottom Line
Your online footprint is your first impression and is not to be taken lightly. Make yourself “Googlable”! Blogging is important. It shows your expertise, but it also helps you take control of what is seen online. If you do not make a name for yourself, someone else will make a name for you.

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Jackye Clayton is recognized as a people expert who puts the Human in Human Resources. An international trainer, she has travelled worldwide sharing her unique gifts in sourcing, recruiting, and coaching. She offers various dynamic presentations on numerous topics related to leadership development, inclusionary culture development, team building, and more. Her in-depth experience in working with top Fortune and Inc 500 clients and their employees has allowed her to create customized programs to coach, train and recruit top talent and inspire others to greatness. Follow Jackye on Twitter @JackyeClayton or connect with her on LinkedIn.
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