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February 17, 2012
How to Promote Your New Business with Limited Cash
While the national unemployment rate has been slowly dipping over the last year, the fact that it is still hovering around 8.3% means there is much work to be done.

With that being said, millions and millions of unemployed Americans continue their pursuit to find a job, while others have thrown in the towel for the foreseeable future.

There are, however, opportunities out there for those individuals who are willing to roll up their sleeves and take a chance.

As many people sit unemployed, some have turned to lifelong dreams of opening up their own small businesses. For many, now is as good a time as ever to follow this dream.

In the event you are one of those individuals, weigh the pros and cons of such a move, including whether or not you need a business loan, if you will have employees or volunteers to start, and where you plan to run your business.

If in your case you have the available financing for such a move, then put together a business plan and pursue your dreams.

Most importantly, how will you proceed in getting your message out there when your advertising funds may be limited at best?

Among the ways to spread the word that you are going into business for yourself are options such as press releases, fliers, referrals, and more.

Even better is having a social media presence, i.e. Twitter and/or Facebook. It costs zero cents to publicize your new start-up on such venues and you can build up followers as you go along. Setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts is absolutely free, and they are easy to maintain too. Once your accounts are up and running, post some notes of interest on your business and they are likely to garner some retweets.

While on the subject of writing, search out the local publications, radio and television stations, community websites, etc. to get a feel for their interest in doing stories on your new business. The publicity will also be free, leading to more awareness of your business at no expense to you other than time.

In the event your cash flow is small but stable, print advertising is an option as long as you do not spend too much along the way.

If you feel like newspapers might be too costly an option, look into getting some information regarding the business in items like a shopper’s guides and coupon books. There will also likely be options for advertising on local websites, including some options for trade-outs where you’re not spending any expenses, just trading advertisements with another business.

Yet another means with which to get the word out regarding your new business is by sponsoring a gathering, especially if it includes charity. Individuals enjoying helping out charities, especially those close to their hearts, so weigh the different options at your disposal. Along with gaining some PR for your business, many will view you as a caring part of the community, hopefully leading them to patronize your business over time.

While many small businesses fail anywhere from their first to their third year of trying to make a go of it, there are many more success stories.

Keep in mind that many of the success stories had tough times to get through when they started out, including not having much money to advertise what they were all about.

If you’ve been considering opening up your own small business and feel like now is a better time than ever despite minimal funds, by all means make it your business to succeed.

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