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July 17, 2015
How to Market Published Content
Your public relations agency succeeded in getting your bylined column published and you’re thrilled to see your content live in an influential industry publication. But how do you maximize your investment in time and treasure after publication? Unfortunately, many small and mid-sized business owners fail to capitalize on the value of their intellectual capital and then become disillusioned when their efforts fail to generate business leads.
So what’s to do with your published content? Happily, it’s not too late to capitalize on the content. Content adds value to many aspects of a company’s brand mission, from marketing and sales to human resources and branding. Here’s a quick overview of ideas to help maximize the potential of earned media.
  1. Post the published column on your website’s blog, but be sure to include the link back to the original publication to avoid the duplicate content trap.
  2. Republish the column on LinkedIn’s publishing (Post) platform.
  3. Distribute through your social media channels to attract more readers.
  4. Tweet the news and retweet periodically using a tool like Buffer.
  5. Consider using a paid distribution service to further extend audience reach.
  6. Comment on discussions in user groups and online forums — include a link.
  7. Create an email signature, with a link, promoting your column.
  8. Engage and educate key audiences — clients, prospects, stakeholders — through email campaigns that include the link.
  9. Provide the column to your sales and new business team.
  10. Publish the column in a company newsletter that all employees can share.
These tips will help to maximize the value of your investment in branded content. And by exploiting these tools each time a column is published, over time, you will develop a potent marketing campaign that will drive your business forward.

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Len Stein founded Visibility Public Relations to position the full spectrum of creative marketing services companies for industry thought-leadership. 

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