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April 30, 2014
How to Design the Perfect Home Office
Working from home is a great job perk, but if you don't have the right in-home office setting, it could spell trouble for your productivity.
Luckily, there are a number of ways you can easily turn just about any room in your house into a quiet, private office suite.
When you're ready to work 9 to 5 from the comfort of your own abode, here are just a few tips to make your house work-friendly:
Choose a Productive Room
With a growing number of workers either freelancing full-time or telecommuting at least once a week, the subject of in-home productivity is becoming more important than ever. If you want to start your telecommuting efforts off on the right foot, then the first step in creating the perfect home office is choosing a productive room.
What is a productive room, exactly?
Well, it's bedroom or partitioned area in a quiet corner of your house that's far away from distractions, such as your home entertainment system and your kitchen.
Likewise, an attached bathroom in your home office is great, especially considering you don't have to walk by other distractions in your house to get to it.
It's All in the Desk
The most important piece of any home office is the desk, which is why it's important to pick the best office desk for your telecommuting needs.
If you're a minimalist, then a low-profile desk with minimal storage is the way to go. But, if you're an office supply junkie, you might want a desk with plenty of drawers both below and above the desktop.
When you're ready to begin the hunt for the perfect office desk, well-known retailers such as Walmart offer the latest line of comfortable and stylish office desks to meet your home office needs.
In fact, the Mainstays L-Shaped Desk and Hutch is a simple and affordable desk option that comes in multiple finishes to fit your home office décor.
Right Chair Does Wonders
If you're telecommuting, there's a good chance that you spend the majority of your workday in front of a computer screen.
Because of this, you'll want to invest in the right desk chair to accommodate all of your sitting needs.
Sure, a bottom-of-the-line chair probably fits your home office budget, but a quality chair will provide multiple heights and tilt positions as well as lumbar support. When chair shopping, just remember that the more comfortable the chair is, the more productive you'll likely be.
Lighting the Way to Good Work
In the pursuit for the perfect home office, it's important not to neglect the lighting. That's right; the lighting in your home office not only affects your mood, but your productivity, too.
When possible, let natural light brighten up your work day.

If there's not enough sunlight to go around, make sure you use floor and desk lamps with soft light bulbs and muted lampshades to light your office space. Bright overhead lighting isn't the best option, because it casts harsh downward shadows, which forces your eyes to work overtime when focusing on your computer monitor.

When you're ready to take the telecommuting world by storm, keep in mind the home office tips above and you'll stay on track with your productivity.


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