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March 20, 2014
How to Acquire Your Competitor's Facebook Fans
According to recent statistics, 1.11 billion people use Facebook every month. These impressive statistics make Facebook an immensely lucrative platform for personal and professional marketing campaigns. However, competition for Facebook fans is rife and it is important that you can direct as many fans as possible towards your page as opposed to your competitor's. Listed below are a few methods you can implement in order to improve your Facebook page popularity and acquire your competitor's Facebook fans. By following these simple yet effective methods, you can substantially increase the amount of online traffic generated towards your Facebook fan page.

Locate your competitor's most active fans.
Your competitor may appear on the surface to have a wealth of Facebook fans, but that doesn't necessarily mean that all of these fans are actively engaging with their page. You want to acquire fans who are socially active, i.e., regularly commenting, sharing, or liking wall posts. If you can divert this frequent activity from your competitor's fan page to yours, then Facebook will display more of your content to other potential fans. Therefore, it is important to locate the most engaged and active users on your competitor's fan page in order to acquire them for your promotion interests.

To locate these fans, you can use online resources such as Social Lead Freak; simply plug in your competitor’s fan page, and Social Lead Freak will provide you with the Facebook user IDs of all of its active members. Once you have located these fans, you can target specific advertising campaigns that appeal to them. As a result, not only will you acquire your competitor's Facebook fans, but you will also acquire their most active fans, who in turn will be most likely to publicize your fan page to their social communities, thereby garnering you exponentially more Facebook traffic.

Analyze your competition.
A great way to acquire your competitor's Facebook fans is by monitoring your competitor's Facebook activities. Firstly, you should run your competitor's Facebook fan page URL through Fanpage Karma. This free marketing tool will display the basic statistical figures of your competitor's Facebook fan page. From this data, you can glean vital insights about your competitor's fans; anything from the total number of fans they have, to the engagement ratio of these fans. By scrutinising this data, you can develop a comprehensive understanding of the types of posts that most attract, and encourage active engagement from, your competitor's fans. Detailed research of the activities of your competitors and their fans is fundamental to social media success. Marketing consultant Paul Williamson from Realia Marketing states research is "not just data but more importantly analysis, interpretation, insight and recommendations. Qualitative and quantitative methodologies are employed to deliver market entry, sizing and scoping studies; customer and market segmentation; an evidence base to substantiate marketing strategy " If you are well-informed of your competitor's online marketing strategies, you can pre-emptively execute your own marketing agenda and thereby improve your likelihood of acquiring their fans.

Sites such as Fanpage Karma offer a wealth of resources that enable you to achieve these strategies. For example, you can access engagement-per-daytime graphs of your competitor's fan page. If you know which day your competitor's fans post the most content, then you can post more frequently on this day in order to increase your likelihood of capturing the interest of these fans, and generating shares and comments for your own page. Similarly, you can analyze your competitor's post history reports to discover the types of posts that produce the most engagement from their fans; for instance, are their fans more engaged by image- and link-based posts? If you can decipher which posts were popular, and which were not, then you can post solely on topics that previously received high engagement from your competitor's fans. By generating similar content that appeals directly to the interests of your competitor's fans, you significantly increase your chances of encouraging them to engage with your fan page.

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Bradley Taylor is a freelance writer who specializes in social media and marketing across several industries, but particularly in the automotive arena. You can connect with Bradley on Twitter at @BradleyTaylor84.
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