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January 4, 2013
How To Write a Great Job Posting
Writing a great job posting doesn't have to be a chore - we've got you covered with everything you need to know.  Check us out below and warm up your keyboard, cuz here we go!

Get the Fish on the Hook (Or, Writing a Great Job Posting)

  • Don’t post as Anonymous/Confidential unless you truly & absolutely must, and even then we still don’t recommend it.  We live in a research world. (Think about it, we don’t even choose a car wash until we know everything about it.)
  • Don't be too wordy.  Just like you don’t want to read an over-written resume, candidates don’t want to read 2 pages worth of information either.  Be concise and formatting counts too.
  • Give the Job details first, then Requirements, then the Blurb about your company
  • Always put a blurb - we recommend taking 10 minutes to describe why it’s great to work at your company in 1 short paragraph. Hint: save it to use as a boilerplate.  
  • Unless it’s a legal requirement, leave out the HR-speak, ie. how many hours per day on your feet, some overtime, how many pounds they have to lift.
  • Don’t use ninja, rockstar, or bad-ass etc.  They’re overplayed.  Stick to “talented”, “motivated”, “great”, and the standard adjectives.  “Awesome” is still allowed. :)

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