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December 19, 2017
How To Get Interviews If Your Resume Is Vulnerable

How To Get Interviews If Your Resume Is Vulnerable Due To Age, Short-Term Jobs, Unemployment, Self-Employment, Not Enough Experience In Their Industry or Just Keeps Getting Screened Out and You Aren’t Sure Exactly Why But You’re Tired of It Happening.

It doesn’t matter if you have 50,000 contacts and you’ve done what your networking leaders said you need to do -- if you aren’t getting enough interviews with people that can hire you.   It’s frustrating and you don’t know what to do about it.

Some people whose judgment you respect don’t seem to offer any advice other than to keep tweaking your resume, go to more networking meet-ups, and polish your 90 second speech.  At the very least, you ought to consider not handing out your resume to people who are looking for the same kind of job as you are!  Do you really think that your competitors are going to put your interest ahead of their own?


The hiring process today is about elimination, not selection.  Therefore, employers use resumes to screen people out.  You might well be more suitable for their opening than most of your competition, but if your resume gets deep-sixed, so will your chances of being hired.


In spite of this reality, most people just continue playing the Resume lottery.  It doesn’t have to be that way.


For many, many years, I’ve offered a proven solution to this perplexing problem.  My approach lets you get interviews based on your capabilities, rather than being  judged  on your perceived liabilities.


To find out more about my unique, personal marketing service, visit:

www.careerkeysman.com  - or contact me directly by phone or email.

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Tom Kellum is a job hunting consultant, helping people's dreams come true since 1987. He specializes in providing a personal job-landing service based on proven marketing strategies and methods. For more information, email him at careerkeysman@gmail.com.
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