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December 13, 2016
How This MailChimp Employee Limits His Email Time To 90 Minutes A Day
A lot of people see email as a chore, but for me and many of my colleagues at MailChimp, it’s the center of our work universe. But that doesn't mean I spend all day rummaging through my inbox. In fact, I cap the time I devote to managing emails to 90 minutes every day.

It took me a while to get to that point. I tried a few approaches that didn't work for me—at all—before landing on the one that does. But in the process, I learned that if you’re overwhelmed by your inbox, a few key adjustments can make a world of difference. For me, it’s all about developing simple systems, sticking to them, and keeping on top of my inbound messages.

Once upon a time, I made folders for everything. I had color-coded folders for messages from my boss, notes about specific projects, emails I needed to take action on, and several more. I thought this would save time, but in reality I was spending less time working and more time trying to remember my filing system.


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