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July 31, 2013
How Much Should Social Media Impact Your Hiring Efforts?
Social media's role in human interaction has been growing for the past decade or so.
Starting as a small engine to better connect with friends, social media has now grown to connect businesses and consumers, friends and relatives, and employers and potential employees.
With that in mind, what role should it play, if any, when you go looking for new talent?
Using LinkedIn to Find the Best of the Best
If you are looking to fill a position within your company, LinkedIn could be your new best friend.
LinkedIn is a site that allows users to post professional profile listing skills, past experience, current position, and career goals. This allows companies to search through profiles filtered for the position they are trying to fill and reach out to candidates instead of having to deal with a large quantity of resumes, many of which belong to people who are unqualified for the position.
Many companies have created a position within their recruiting department whose sole responsibility is to look through LinkedIn profiles for candidates who would be a good fit within the company.
This allows companies to build up an internal database of potential people they could reach out to should the need arise.
How to Post Job Openings Effectively
Many companies nowadays are wondering where is the most efficient place to post a job opening in order to find a quality candidate.
Traditionally, newspapers and job boards have been the main way to post about an open position, however increasingly companies are moving towards social sites such as Monster.com or Indeed.com.
There are advantages to both of these methods; however, one may be better suited to fill certain positions than the other.
Social sites will have a higher ratio of tech-savvy job applicants searching for employment whereas traditional postings will most likely provide applicants who have been in the workforce before and can provide a more experienced resume for the position you are looking to fill.
Depending on the nature of the position that is open, it might be better to lean towards one or the other; however, a mix of the two will probably provide the best results.
Using Social Media Information Responsibly
Some major companies have found themselves in legal hot water because of their practices involving screening employees’ social media accounts.
Before using any information found on a potential employee’s social media account, make sure to read up on the legal implications of using that information to make a decision.
A good rule of thumb is: Don't do anything with this information that you wouldn't do if you had found it through a more traditional source.
Social media can be a great way to diversify your company's exposure to potential applicants and can increase the quality of your employees if used in the correct manner.
By keeping in mind these tips for using social media in your hiring efforts, you will be well on your way to seeing the improvements in your candidate pool.
Keeping up with the latest trends in technology and media can give a company the edge to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to acquiring talented employees.

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