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February 13, 2015
Have You Turned Interviewing Into a Career?
Do you feel like you're always being interviewed but you never get the job? Believe it or not, you should count yourself lucky.

Only between four and six people get called in for an interview for every batch of 100 resumes. Obviously you're doing something right on your resume and something wrong in your interview if interviewing has become a career for you.

If you're an interview veteran, this can actually hurt your chances of getting hired. People who interview too many times suffer from all sorts of problems, including complacency.
Are You Not Trying Hard Enough?
Are you so accustomed to interviewing that you've stopped trying very hard?

Your attitude is more transparent than you think. Complacency can be seen in wrinkled clothing, poor posture, unenthusiastic replies, lackluster responses, and little eye contact.

If you go into an interview expecting not to get the job, chances are you won't. 

Lapses in employment are evident on your resume, too.

If you've interviewed for several jobs and not been hired, you're probably unemployed. The longer that gap is on your resume, the less attractive you are as an employee. Try to fill in the gap with coursework or volunteering.

Whatever you do, don't tell the interviewer you've been job hunting all that time. They'll assume if no one else wants you, they shouldn't hire you either.
Questions and More Questions
As the following article looks at, awkward interview questions are not unheard of; here are 7 crazy interview questions you'd never expect to be asked to be asked at an interview:

1. Are you planning to start a family?
This question is borderline illegal in most states. But once it's been vocalized, how should you answer it without losing your chance at getting the job? Swallow your indignation and just say, "I really couldn't say right now." They don't have to know you can't say because you're so livid they even asked it.
2. That's a nice suit. Where did you get it?
Seriously? They're asking you where you shop for clothes? Just say "Thanks. I can't remember where I got it." Anything more and they'll profile you based on your shopping habits.
3. Are you allergic to any animals?
Frankly, if the owner wants to bring her dog to the office, it's her problem if one of her employees has an allergy and she has to leave Barclay at home. It's not for them to discriminate by filtering out allergy sufferers. Just say, "Not that I'm aware of." Say this even if you have a known allergy to pet dander and you're currently on a daily dosage of Claritin. It's none of their business.

4. How old is your daughter?
This is a veiled attempt to find out if you're going to be one of those mothers who call in because of a snow day at school. Best answer? Something cute. Give a tiny laugh and say, "Old enough to keep me on my toes!" Ha-ha. Not.
5. How would you handle a sexual advance from a boss?
If you get asked this, you might reconsider working for the company. But if you still want the job, just say that you'd handle it within the corporate and legal guidelines of the law. Because you would.
6. Are you nervous?
The question itself would make anyone nervous, even if they weren't nervous before. Just say, "No. I guess I'm just excited at the chance to work here."
7. How long have you been searching for a job?
Be careful here. Don't let on that you've been interviewing for eight very long months. The answer you must give is always, "I just started."
With any luck, this will be your last job interview Good luck.

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