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April 28, 2017
Google’s Cheesy Short Film is Also Quietly Brilliant
For a century of filmmaking, the audience has looked at whatever the director has chosen to frame. But virtual reality breaks this old pattern, in that it allows the viewer to turn her head–leaving filmmakers to wonder, how do you tell a story when the viewer can look anywhere?

Tabel, a new short by Google’s Art Copy and Code division, contains an intriguing solution. It’s a VR (or 360-degree) video short that places you in the center of a small cafe. And as you glance around to each table, you hear each distinct conversation fade into your ears–a product of spatial audio. In this sense, the user interface of storytelling mimics how you pay attention in real life: You eavesdrop.


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This article was published on Fast Company. A link to the original piece appears after the post. www.fastcompany.com
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