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January 13, 2012
Gone Corporate: There and Back Again
When we last spoke, I was staring an offer letter in the face. It was my one-way ticket back to Agency World after a year in the not-awful-but-not-great purgatory of Corporate World. And now, the exciting conclusion (as if my decision was ever in doubt)...
Sorry to fast-forward with a list of events, but it’s necessary to catch you up:
  • Got offer, and it was solid enough for me to make the concrete decision to accept it.
  • Gave notice, which went fine. It was actually a great feeling, since I’d been made to leave my last two positions unwillingly. (Freakin’ layoffs.) First time I was able to leave a job of my own volition since 2007.
  • Did my two weeks, tried to make sure the team I was leaving behind was well prepared to survive without me. (Sounds egotistical, but I was fairly integral.)
  • Co-workers took me out for lunch on next-to-last day. Bento box was good. Soon-to-be Old Boss sat at far end of table, which was good.
  • Last day, exit interview went fine. Was honest, but I don’t think they’ll use any of my input to change anything.
  • Spent two weeks at home with the kids. Hard work but amazingly awesome times. Reminds me why I work. (That, and the bills.)
So New Job: Day One finally arrived. Asked to arrive at 9:30, I showed up at 9:15. (Eager beaver.) Introduced to my cube, which featured the gloriously new and beautiful MacBook Pro on which I’m typing this. It is wonderful for the Hack to be back on the Mac! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)
Treated to lunch by a onetime-and-now-once-again co-worker at a nice sushi place around the corner from the office. Although we could have ordered alcohol (one more plus of Agency World), we didn’t. Probably bad form for Day One.
In fact, during the four-day work-week that started 2012, I had three of my four lunches paid for. And in Week 2, our home office thanked us for a big presentation by sending us a “thank you” basket (including quality beer and snacks) — which we cracked open and enjoyed while watching a Sundance documentary. (Recommendation: “Buck.”)
Already written or edited web articles, blog posts, presentation copy, and done some extra brainstorming. Clients from a wide variety of industries, big-name national and global companies that you’ve heard of.
Bonuses: Going to learn a ton more about search and online marketing. Working for one of the top agencies in the field. Definitely great experience for the rest of my career.
Where do we go from here? I know you’ve been suffering vicariously through me for the past year, as I’ve Hacked my way through Corporate World. So now I’m back where I belong, warts and all. (Timesheets, finicky clients, late nights, etc.)
Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ll talk it over with the good folks at Talent Zoo. Clearly, 42 readers a month can’t be without my humorous ramblings.
Talk to you soon!

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After a year of creative incarceration in Corporate World, your beloved Corporate Hack finally distracted the guards, outran the bloodhounds and scaled the wall to make his escape. Now that he’s back where he belongs in Ad World, he’s re-branded himself as The Inside Man...but he’s still having Ad-Verse Reactions. 
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