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December 9, 2011
Gone Corporate: Achieving 'Escape Velocity'
When last we left our intrepid hero, the evil Legion of Upper Management had eliminated Hack-Man’s supervisor, shackled him to a new, incompetent, and lying boss, and “wrote him up” for tardiness.
And now...on to the two-part conclusion of The Adventures of Hack-Man: Escape From Corporate World!
Chris Brogan is a super-nice and super-smart guy who writes about marketing, social media, business, and life in general. And one of his subjects of expertise is “Escape Velocity” — which, as you might imagine, involves getting away from a situation or job that is unsatisfying (or worse).
Chris, this one’s for you.
Naturally, The Hack would rather be hacking in Agency World than Corporate World. It’s where I’m most comfortable, and where I can work on more interesting projects/clients. And my struggles in Corporate World have been well-documented (or at least “so-so-documented”) in this blog.
So it should come as no surprise to any of my 27 readers (thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma...) that I’ve always been looking for something else. And finally, something else just might be happening.
A few months back, I interviewed at an interactive agency a few miles from my current job. The unbelievable irony is that this shop is located in the same building as the first company to lay me off four years ago, just five floors up. (So at least I’ll be familiar with the parking garage and lunch options.)
I thought the interview went well, but an inside source later told me that they offered the gig to someone else — who then accepted her current company’s counter-offer. I had been told by another inside source (my spies are everywhere) that there was a “hiring freeze” at that point.
Then a couple weeks ago, they called me back to see if I’d like to be considered again for a writing position. It would be a step down title-wise, only include a small raise, and pretty much be the same terrible commute. BUT...
It would be my ticket back to Agency World. (As well as my ticket out of Corporate World.)
It would mean no more “sit-downs” with a supervisor to discuss “tardiness.”
It would mean I’d get to write something besides boring marcom crap for a highly limited audience.
It would mean a beer at lunch would be OK. (Not sure about that one, but I can check their employee handbook.)
It would mean a happier, kinder, gentler me. (So my wife is psyched too.)
Naturally, I went for the follow-up interview. And I charmed their socks off. (You might not believe it from these ramblings, but I can be funny.)
As of this writing, I am looking at the cover page of an offer letter. But don’t fret — even if I get this job, I’ll keep writing this blog. Because even if I’m no longer the Corporate Hack, I’ll still be a Hack.
Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion...coming soon!

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After a year of creative incarceration in Corporate World, your beloved Corporate Hack finally distracted the guards, outran the bloodhounds and scaled the wall to make his escape. Now that he’s back where he belongs in Ad World, he’s re-branded himself as The Inside Man...but he’s still having Ad-Verse Reactions. 
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