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February 28, 2011
Give 'Em Hope: Selling Good Vibes
What is the number-one strategy in heathcare marketing?
Are you ready for this? Make patients feel better.
It takes more than medicine to make patients feel good. It takes positive imagery. It takes advertising creative that touches emotional chords and speaks to the real needs of the consumer base.
Virtually every decision consumers make is influenced by their emotional state of mind more than anything else. When would this be more true than when finding out about a pregnancy, cancer, heart disease, or any other ailment that could threaten a person or a loved one?
Malcom Gladwell detailed this concept in his book Blink. The human mind edits information subconsciously through its “adaptive subconscious.” Essentially, you can’t help but notice messaging that provides you with the input that you are craving.
By understanding the mindset and drivers behind decision making, we can touch people with our messaging—giving them a sense of belonging, of confidence, of hope. This can be accomplished with a variety of creative techniques. No two ads are the same. We leverage the persona of the client. We evaluate the competitive environment and fill the unmet needs of the consumer.
Where do we get this information? From practitioners, from patients directly, from research if it’s available. If not, we follow our gut (see Instinct vs. Research). Our collective gut is a finely tuned instrument, refined to generating great creative over a lifetime of being human and a career in advertising.
The results are simply stunning. Perceptions are changed. Allegiances are built. Market shares grow. Profitability increases. And that’s just the measurable business piece. To really be blown away, check out the creative! Give ‘em hope.

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Brian Bennett is the President and Owner of Stir Advertising + Integrated Messaging in Milwaukee, WI. His career includes key positions at some of the top advertising agencies in the country, as well as marketing management positions at two Fortune 100 companies. The scope and diversity of these experiences helped shape Stir, and today provides ongoing benefits to the agency’s clients. 

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