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March 30, 2015
For a Successful Marketing Career, Think Different
Data analysis and creative vision have traditionally been viewed as separate, even opposing, skills. Yet, in today’s increasingly programmatic advertising world, the two are not mutually exclusive. Our data-driven media culture now requires both capabilities — not only under the same roof, but in the same brain. 
The programmatic revolution has introduced new challenges and opportunities for marketers. While it creates media buying efficiencies, it's also daunting to generate multiple creative options, specifically around imagery, to satisfy an increasingly fragmented audience. Programmatic buying consolidates data from a variety of sources simultaneously, requiring analytical minds who draw insights from big data to make bold creative decisions. As such, in 2015, the hottest talent will be able to harness their intuitive right-brained and analytical left-brained skill sets.
We see this principle at work daily here at GumGum. Account managers and operations specialists, while steeped in data all day long, are also thinking about creative performance, such as how the tweak of a color for Hyundai or the call to action for Verizon can impact the performance objective our client is hoping to achieve. Conversely, our creative team is designing with those same analytical variables in mind, making sure a technique that may have led to higher engagement with a video for The CW is also considered on future campaigns for Warner Bros. and Universal. 
Consumers are increasingly spending their time with and communicating via images rather than words (think Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr). As a result, brands have a unique yet underutilized opportunity to connect with consumers by naturally integrating their messaging into editorial images. Underlying all of these images is even more data to be mined and understood for consumer behavioral insights. 
Those who have the ability to see the insights hidden within scores of data while having the creative vision to spur consumer engagement are the needles in the marketing haystack. Develop your own talents accordingly.

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As GumGum's COO and CFO, Phil Schraeder is responsible for financial planning, management, accounting, controls and human resources. He has over 13 years of experience in the fields of financial management, accounting, M&A, operations and human resource management.
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