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August 9, 2013
Five Ways to Get Noticed by Your Boss
Regardless of who the big boss is, the person who has the greatest impact on how quickly you move along your career path is usually the person you report to directly.
This is why it is important that he or she not only pays attention to your work but appreciates the effort and expertise that you bring to your position. In the modern workplace this can be more difficult than ever with the emergence of team collaboration and remote work agreements.
So, just how do you go about getting noticed in a positive way by your supervisor?
The Importance of Taking Initiative
If there is one thing that impresses managers the most it is when employees take initiative.
Taking initiative means going above and beyond what you have been told to do in order to advance the interests of the company, especially when they pertain to the work that you and your manager specialize in.
When an employee is able to think about ways that would help their business unit succeed, and suggest it to the manager in a tactful way that allows for a sharing of responsibility, there is a good chance that the supervisor will make a mental note the next time that raises or promotion opportunities come around.
Make Your Boss Look Good
This is something that can be difficult for employees, especially if they don't have the best working relationship with their direct supervisor. However, it is usually true that if your boss looks good, it will reflect well on the team, and specifically on you for helping make it happen.
If you don't have a great working relationship with your boss it can still benefit you to make it look like your business unit is productive to the company. In this case, though, it can be important to do a bit of networking and self-promotion as well in order to make sure that your efforts are appreciated by the right people. We will go into more detail about this later.
Be Positive and Energetic at Work
This is one of the most crucial aspects of gaining appreciation from your supervisor. Those who look like they are busy and productive are almost always perceived as the most busy and productive. By coming into work every day with a positive attitude and displaying energy when doing even menial tasks, you will brand yourself as a hard-working employee who is doing great things for the company.
If you work directly with your supervisor this point is especially important. It is much more pleasant to work with someone who has a positive attitude and your supervisor will notice this and give positive feedback in order to make sure that you are happy and want to stay with the company.
Retention of good employees is one of the most important aspects of being a manager, so this will be high on his or her priority list. Once your supervisor wants to keep you around, you are in a better position to advance your career within the company.
The Art of Self-Promotion
Self-promotion can be a tricky thing to master. It is often not true that others will tacitly notice and appreciate all of the hard work that you are putting in every day.
Sometimes it is important to remind those around you of all of the work that you do for the team. However, you don't want to sound like you are bragging, or trying to over-inflate your contributions at the expense of your teammates around you.
Becoming a master of self-promotion requires keeping a watchful eye out for opportunities to point out some of the ways that you have helped the team with big projects in the past that have led to new opportunities for the company going forward.
Understand the Big Picture
This is something that can help you move up the corporate ladder faster than your coworkers who are ignorant of this aspect of the job. Understanding how your current position helps the company as a whole can be important, but understanding how to increase your responsibilities in order to become more central to the operation of the company is what will get your superiors to take notice.
Knowing how to anticipate the needs of the company and take proactive steps to make sure that those needs are met will make you one of the most valuable and least dispensable employees around.
By taking a step back and looking at the big picture, you allow yourself to experience work from a managerial point of view, which can help prepare you for the next step in your career. This sort of understanding will make it easier to capitalize on potential career advancing opportunities in the future.
Following these steps will increase the chances you get noticed by your supervisor at work. By making the most of this advice, your contributions could very well be appreciated more, and opportunities will come with time.

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