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November 4, 2016
Fast Lane: One Millennial’s View on Hiring
If first impressions count, then mine came as soon as my interview started at MEC New York four months ago.

It started with a two-hour “round-robin style” interview process consisting of separately speaking with four different people holding a variety of positions across the agency. It sounds daunting, but it provided a unique window into life at MEC. I saw the diverse personalities, roles, and opportunities that existed at the agency, and in turn gave the interviewers an opportunity to experience me through their own lens. Each person I spoke to picked out something different on my resume: one person was intrigued by my fundraising experience for breast cancer, while another was interested in the small business I had developed while at college. It truly offered MEC a well-rounded view of who I am, and that was what I was there for, right?

My first impression didn’t end there. I interviewed and got offered the job the very same day while driving back to my last weekend at college. Surprise, excitement, and nerves filled the car (in retrospect, I probably should have pulled over). I thought, “How awesome that these people spoke to me this morning and this afternoon they’re offering me the job. I have friends who’ve waited weeks or even months to hear back from a company, some never hearing back at all.” I thought it was efficient, dynamic, and extremely enticing, so I accepted my offer on the spot.

During this year’s Advertising Week, MEC brought the “Live Hire” process to life outside the Times Center and I had the opportunity to be part of it, but this time from the other side as a street team member recruiting potential candidates to interview at MEC. Having been through the process myself, I was excited at the idea of engaging with attendees. I saw looks of curiosity, interest, confusion, and surprise as each person walked past our tent. “You mean you’re interviewing people right now? And you’re going to hire them today?” It was a feeling I remembered having too, and for the same reason. I felt incredibly proud to be part of a company that wasn’t afraid to shake things up a bit and step away from the norm, especially as it relates to engaging with my generation.

It has been said by some that the Millennial workforce has a sense of entitlement, and that loyalty and commitment have been replaced by our search for purpose, but what it really comes down to is finding the right fit. Don’t get me wrong; the work always comes first. But company culture ranks just as high with Millennials, and a lacking one is often the breaking point. Finding a place to call home five days a week, a place where you feel encouraged to be your best self and to grow, can be quite challenging. I saw something more at MEC through this experience, and once I realized it, I knew those two hours could be life changing.

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Melissa Eisen joined MEC in May of 2015 and is currently an Associate working in digital on the AT&T account. She focuses on driving eCommerce business for the client via a variety of mobile/digital media publishing platforms. She is a recent graduate from Binghamton University and also founder of MLEpost, a business focused on providing consultation to a variety of small- and medium-sized companies to help them manage their social and digital media strategies. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and in her non-working hours volunteers for a variety of animal rescue and breast cancer awareness groups. She resides in Livingston, NJ.
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