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February 9, 2016
Failure is Not an Option

Let’s get this out of the way first.

Failure happens when you stop believing and decide — yes, decide — you have failed.

Failure is an end.

A temporary setback means you still believe and keep going, no matter what.

If you’re an agency partner, or CMO at some brand, this goes for you, too.

The world loves a believer who can get knocked down but keep getting back up.

The secret is to burn so intensely in what you want, believe, and have to have that you light your own path in the darkness and you become a light to others — your coworkers, employees, and the public.

The world respects, and talks about, a person, business, or brand that never gives up and, instead, stands for something.

No matter what.

So, here is how to never fail:
  1. Look like success (persons): You never have to look rich, but always look real. Look comfortable and like you love being yourself. Groom well, smile often, be proud, be relaxed, exude calm confidence.
  2. Look like success (agencies): You never have to look big (unless you chase clients who only understand big), but look real. Look comfortable and like you love being yourself. Be proud, be relaxed, exude calm confidence.
  3. There is no #3.
Seriously, I refuse to go on with this list.

I’m not quitting — just re-thinking.

Because I hope you know where this is headed, even as I type it now.

Whether you’re a person, an agency, or a brand, the same rules still apply. Even though few people, agencies, and brands seem to get this.

Believe in something more valuable than a cheap laugh, a quick distraction, or getting drunk to try to forget your problems. Physically or metaphorically.

Stand up tall and climb to a higher place and shout out something you’d give your life for.

Every day. Every project. Every speech, email, or meeting.
Because if you stand up for something you care about,
something that really means something to you,
something important to you,
something that you go to sleep at night thinking about
something that you wake up in the morning thinking about

who or what is ever going to stop you?

Or are you still doubting?

Then let’s examine the obstacles.

The real obstacle begins when you don’t inherently know what you believe in most, or never spend the time meditating on, thinking deeply about what you believe in or want most.

Make it something specific (don’t just be hungry, or want “success” — define it; define it so real in your mind that you can taste it, feel it) and declare it loud and proud.

Spend time with this.
After all, is there anything more important than deciding what you want to give your life for?

If you’re an agency partner, or CMO at some brand, this goes for you, too.

So think.

All those hours you spend at work: what are they really for?

Are you working relentlessly toward a specific goal that means something to you?

If not, do you know why?

Whether you’re a person, an agency, or a brand, if you fail, it’s a sign you didn’t believe enough. Or you didn’t care enough.

Do I care that much?

I care that much.

I’m getting less than five hours of sleep tonight because I care that much about what I’m typing, hoping to inspire some person, agency, or brand to work tirelessly, passionately, to achieve something truly meaningful, awesome, epic, and great. Today and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Keep on keeping on, my friend.

I will.

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