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April 9, 2013
Experimental Thoughts: Givers Get

Givers Get


You want to get a job.

You want to get a promotion.

You want to get a raise.

You want to get a client.

You want to get a "break" in this business.


I so understand.


So I'd like to offer a radical new thought for you, since I assume you'd all like a radical improvement in your life.

It's a law of the universe, IMHO, called "Givers Get."

When you want something, give and give and give. 

This sets up an irresistible vibration in your world that will come back to you bigger than you can imagine.

Wait. Hold on a moment.

Because at this point, if you're thinking that this sounds like some "new age" claptrap, then feel free to click away from his page.

But before you go, I want to say this: if your way is working so well for you and you don't need a new idea because you already have all the money, clients, business and joy you could possibly want in this life, then I say this: You're already a great giver, whether you know it or not.

We might live in a world of takers, but the great givers are serenely perched at the top of this world.

And I assume that'a place you'd like to go, too.


So, how to give more?


Start by doing more than what you're paid for. Become bigger than the position you're currently in. Treat even the smallest project and the briefest meeting as your greatest masterpiece. Give it great care, craft and love in every pixel and moment.

Leave every person you meet with the feeling that you've given them some extra value, love, positivism – that they've come away with a great, profitable gift – an idea, a big hug, a compliment, some good advice, a bonus tactic or execution.

If you're still with me, thank you dear reader.

Because if you're ready to take my advice, soon you'll be seen and valued as a great giver. We all like givers and remember from here on, that givers get.

This might be a huge, insulting challenge to most of you, because we've all been conditioned to not be seen as a doormat, as a sucker, as a weakling or office sycophant.

But beware any such feelings of being a victim, as fatefully "unlucky" or as the loser in so many unjust decisions.

Instead, once you fully, deeply adopt the energy of a joyful, powerful giver in your work, life and relationships, your world will change for the better. Because after all, who are the givers we all love? They are the experts, professionals and rock stars with hearts of gold.

Not a bad example to emulate, eh?


Give and you'll get a job.

Give and you'll get a promotion.

Give and you'll get a raise.

Give and you'll get a client.

Give and you'll not get a "break" in this business – you'll absolutely earn it.


Givers get.

In the spirit of giving, I'm doing my part, too. 

You can read, borrow and use any of my agency's World-Changing Ideas for free.

There's one posted nearly every day and please, feel free to argue them, share them, spread them or even steal them.



If you do use them, contact me and let me know how it's going. Talk to you soon – right here on TZ, and out there in the world. Keep on keeping on everybody....

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As a strategist, writer, designer, producer, director, actor, musician, performer, teacher, trainer and speaker, creative marketing was a potentially ideal career for Paul. Yet after years of winning dozens of global creativity awards with various agencies, Paul gave up the awards pursuit and became a professional human being.

Paul launched the1101experiment in 2001, focusing on bringing top-level strategy, creativity and multi-dimensional success to global brands, but with an added emphasis on positive ethical and social opportunities. Paul's thinking has been published worldwide and has predicted many global cultural shifts long before they happened. 
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