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December 19, 2016
Evernote CEO Explains Why He Reversed Its New Privacy Policy: 'We Screwed Up'
Evernote is reversing its decision to implement a controversial privacy policy change on January 23rd because it "screwed up" its explanation of the change, says CEO Chris O'Neill. Originally announced Wednesday, the policy appeared to imply that Evernote employees would have unfettered access to user’s private notes on the service, something the company claims was never actually the case.

"We screwed up, and I want to be really clear about that," Evernote CEO Chris O’Neill told Fast Company seconds after getting on the phone for an interview late Thursday afternoon. "We let our users down, and we let our company down."

O’Neill says that the company screwed up when it came to the way it communicated and explained the new policy, and that the headlines being written about the change were "just not true."


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