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August 29, 2017
Domino's Instagram is Gross. By Design.

In the age of Instagram, food is no longer designed to just be food. It’s a set piece, a lifestyle statement of fantastical hyperbole. So we drink unicorn lattes, eat rainbow bagels, and lick our charcoal-black soft serve in front of neon signs. Food is no longer about eating. It’s about the documentation of unattainable perfection, catching the next ever-illusive meme.

Yet in this new wave of food-as-influencer, there is a single, curmudgeonly brand that insists on photographing its dishes on conference room tables, under fluorescent lighting, and from all sorts of unflattering angles. It’s a brand that looks art directed by your 65-year-old parents who bought some no-name Android smartphone, hired based upon their portfolio of blurry photos on Facebook.

It’s Domino’s.

“In this space, we actually are finding that less than perfect is sometimes actually perfect,” says Dennis Maloney, Domino’s chief digital officer. “A lot of customers are out photographing their food. They know, depending where you take it and the light you’re under, food looks different. It feels much more honest and transparent when the images are imperfect.”


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This article was published on Fast Company. A link to the original piece appears after the post. www.fastcompany.com
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