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August 10, 2012
Dealing with the Boss from Hell
Is your boss turning your 9–5 day into a living hell? If you have a particularly difficult manager, it can quickly turn the workplace into a stressful environment.  While it may be difficult to maintain your professionalism, it’s essential that you don’t do anything hasty and compromise your situation. Until a better opportunity arises or the manager sees the error of his or her ways, you’ll need to find ways to weather the storm and handle your boss. The following are some tips that can ease the burden on your workweek.

1. Set Up Boundaries
In the workplace, it’s natural to try to build friendships with coworkers, colleagues, and even your bosses. But remember, the relationship between the supervisor and employee always has a different undertone than that of others. Don’t make the mistake of revealing too much to your managers for the sake of camaraderie or friendship. It’s best to maintain a level of professionalism, as responsibilities may strain the dialogue between you and your boss. Instead of the risk of friendships turning sour, try to keep a level distance from your boss.

2. Watch Your Body Language
While your voice is saying one thing, your body and demeanor may be telling a different story. For example, do you turn your back when he or she starts to approach? Or do your eyes keep darting away while your manager is speaking to you? It’s vital that you prevent your frustration from showing, as this can compromise your professionalism. In addition, these little signs may be irritating your boss further, hurting your future at the workplace.

3. Find an Outlet
When times get too tough, don’t go through the struggles alone. Try to find someone else that will sympathize with your situation and help you work through your challenges. For example, friends or colleagues that have been in a similar situation can serve as pillars of support as your deal with your boss. However, be wary of relying on coworkers unless they are completely in your trust. Confining in the wrong coworker can lead to rumors and gossip, which can make your situation even harder in the future.

4. Discuss, Don’t Confront
If the manager is constantly in your face, perhaps the best way to handle the situation is to express yourself directly. However, don’t make the mistake of letting your emotions get in the way. Try turning their criticism into a discussion. Ask them for advice and what you can do better. If your boss sees the rationality of this approach, then you can work towards creating a better workplace. But if this endeavor fails, then it’s time to start thinking about a Plan B.

5. Find Resolution
If your boss is getting to be too much, there are several ways that you can make changes towards changing your situation. One way is to talk to the human resources department, expressing your concerns and unhappiness in a tactful manner. Another way is to request a department transfer, where hopefully you’ll be moved someplace else. Finally, if there’s no resolution within the company itself, then you may want to consider finding another job. Don’t stay in a toxic environment any longer, as nothing is worth your well-being and happiness.

Dealing with a boss from hell is always a stressful experience. What are some ways you’ve dealt with a difficult boss? Has it worked?  

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