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February 2, 2010
Creativity is Key, When Allowed

After running her own companies for 29 years, B. L. Ochman, of WhatsNextBlog.com, recently started working for Proof Integrated Communications, a new media subsidiary of Burson-Marsteller. 

"Even with all the meetings, the minute departmentalization, and the fact that you can't just do stuff yourself," she writes of her role as Director of Emerging Marketing, "I'm liking it a lot! It's interesting, challenging, hectic, and fun."

That's after writing another blog post a week or so earlier on "Six Reasons Big Companies Aren't Creative & Six Ways to Foster Creativity." We hope the fun continues at Proof, but creativity in big organizations is a serious subject indeed.

We recommend the entire post, but here are some of B.L.'s insights: Creativity is scary, bean counters rule, old ideas are endlessly recycled, and the outside world moves too fast.

Six ways to foster creativity, she adds, are:

  • We all need to demand time to think.
  • Do something unrelated to the task at hand. 
  • Bosses need to reward creative thinking.
  • People need to be taught to meditate, or otherwise clear their minds.
  • Companies need to become willing to take the risk of ideas that nobody has tried before.
  • Don't only give clients what they want.

All of which, of course, are right on the mark. 

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