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January 16, 2009
Content Sequencing: How to Distribute Your Articles for Maximum Impact
Being aggressive in creating and distributing content is a search engine marketing strategy that I advocate heavily. It works. But the effect of distributing content can be multiplied by distributing content in the correct sequence. So adding content sequencing to your SEO toolkit will greatly improve the performance of your content distribution efforts. Read on to learn how it works.
Article marketing is a very popular technique for distributing content because you not only get links from the article directories where you submit your articles, but you can pick up links from other website owners who use your content on their web sites. It gives you great leverage on your article writing time. However, not all article directories are created equal. There are certain ones, such ezinearticles.com, that are highly regarded by Google, and so a link from those directories carries more weight than links from other lesser known directories…but not if the link is contained in duplicate content that Google has already indexed!
So you will gain the greatest benefit from duplicate article distribution if you FIRST submit it one major article directory, and then mass submit it to other article directories. You want to make sure that Google has found and indexed the article, with the link back to your site, before it finds the article at lower quality directories. A good way to make sure that happens is to place links to the web page where your first article is located in numerous locations for Google to find (your own home page, your blog, social bookmarking sites, etc.).
To get the most impact out of your writing, use a combination of article spinning (of your own content, not someone else’s), wide content distribution, and correct content sequencing.
The correct sequence and distribution strategy for your content will vary depending on your market and goals, but it should be something like this:
1.             A seed article is written. The article is optimized for one or two specific keywords.

2.             The seed article is spun into multiple articles with sufficient original content.

3.             One of the articles is placed on your web site, in a heavily optimized fashion.

4.             Multiple links are generated for the optimized article page on your site to insure that search engine spiders find and index the page quickly.

5.             One of the spun articles is submitted to a major article directory.

6.             Links are generated to the article on the major article directory.

7.             Several of the articles are used for social networking content.

8.             Links are generated to the social networking content.

9.             One of the articles is then mass distributed.
The general idea is to first place content in very high quality locations, guide Google to those locations, and then gradually spread the content out to lots of lower quality locations. Another advantage of this strategy in addition to the pure SEO benefit is that it will result in the creation of a wide catalog of original content that you can re-use for other purposes. This is the next phase of an SEO content strategy – content repurposing.
A complimentary strategy is to create your own industry portal, which will contain links to other web sites in your industry, as well as links to your own content. Once Google comes to accept your portal as a consistent source of industry links and content, it will become a highly useful tool for guiding search engine spiders to your content.
So start writing, but don’t just mindlessly blast your articles out to thousands of article directories at once. Sequence your content, and use your original articles as seed content for more original content. Work in a pyramid, starting with a select few sites (making sure to guide Google to those sites), and then working outward, adding more and more locations over time.

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Jerry Work is president of Work Media LLC, a Nashville SEO firm that specializes in orchestrating Internet marketing campaigns that blend organic search, paid search and social media. He is also the author of "Be the Magnet," a new book on using social media and content distribution to promote websites. For more info, click here.

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