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June 18, 2015
Content Marketing at 30 Minutes a Week

Yes, Virginia one can wage a successful B2B content marketing campaign while investing but 30 (OK maybe 45) minutes a week. Even at this minimal level of commitment, it appears that the majority of managers are too time-stressed to devote the time to support their marketing objectives.

We all know the excuses – the never-ending meeting merry-go-round, the pressure of constant deadlines, unexpected fire-fights, employee supervision and mentoring, endless administrative tasks – but to grow the business, one must put their own marketing needs on the calendar. So how can this be done efficiently and effectively?

From Pain Points Comes Content Marketing

First, examine how you currently sell your services because this is where the seeds of your own marketing campaign lie buried. When you meet with a business prospect, what do you discuss? Do you ramble on endlessly about Yourself, Your services and accomplishments (I hope not), or do you probe the prospect to discover their business ‘pain points?’

Once you know what is hindering their business growth – poor sales, low retention, inadequate lead generation, dismal traffic, site abandonment, etc. – you offer your solutions. And, out of your solutions, almost magically, will arise the issues you should write about. You’ve verbally offered a prescription to help a prospective client prosper, now you simply need to sit down and draft a short column abstract explaining your process. If the solution was acceptable to the prospect, it will surely be acceptable to an editor and the publication’s readers.

Make an Appointment with Yourself

But how can I find the time to write, you ask? It’s pretty basic. You need to treat yourself as a client. You’ve already mastered the material so get your calendar out block a 30-minute appointment with yourself (do not do this Friday afternoon!). The key is to treat this as a client meeting, no rescheduling, no interruptions, period. Sit down at your computer, set a timer for 30-minutes, attack the problem and write until the bell rings. Then save the document to edit the next day (that’s where the extra 15 minutes comes in).

Now that you have a solid 250-word column abstract in hand you need to find a publication willing to publish a full-length column (about 750-words). If you have the time, you can reach out to editors directly, if you know whom they are and how to reach them. If not, that’s where my services come in….

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