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May 22, 2009
Content Creator? Then Forget Analytics. Use Digg.
Who can figure out Google Analytics? I can’t. The data is fascinating and it certainly makes one’s curiosity complacent. But how do civilians use this information -- some of which clearly has nothing to do with you or what you are creating?
How then, does one leverage website analytical data into a marketing strategy that will drive people to a blog or other conventional website?
For now, let’s forget Google Analytics. Use Digg instead. Digg distinctly determines the value of content and its relevance. It is a valuable marketing tool for pinpointing what -- and how -- to create targeted, well written content. Content that could leverage existing -- and popular -- web information and push visitors to your site with strategic use of expected and accepted tags and keywords.
Suppose you are a fitness and weight loss writer and you need a relevant and “hot” topic within your beat / scope. Search Digg “Lifestyle > Health.” What are the topics people have Dugg the most? Easily evaluate what is relevant to you, your audience and how you can determine what topic is worth writing about, i.e.: will get you the hits slash exposure you are obviously seeking.
Now, the magic
There is a valuable and free service for journalist looking for sources. Peter Shankman’s “Help a Reporter Out” or “HARO.”  I was fortunate to find Peter after reading Timothy Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week and doing some further research. The queries from reporters and the quality of responses are considerably better. As Peter said in his book, “under promise and over deliver.” HARO does. I use it for my own motivation column on Examiner.com.
Leverage all of this with Twitter; absolutely certain to always request responses sent to Twitter in Twitter format (@stefanpinto). You gain credibility on Twitter by doing this and you will immensely increase your followers, not to mention the quality of followers.
Now, these services are merely tools. Results are not typical and vary depending on how much effort, dedication, time and perseverance you put into it. If you are good at what you do, it doesn’t matter what service you use, the cream always rises to the top.
Go on, be clever.

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Stefan Pinto relies on his 12 years of experience and realistic judgment to design and construct usable websites. His corporate design solutions include intranets for Merck, Merrill Lynch and AT&T.  Recently he designed RandomSource.com an online office supply catalog and Upstage, a social networking site for actors. Stefan Pinto also writes a fitness and weight loss column and works as a television actor. Visit him at http://www.pintofactory.com.

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