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May 28, 2013
Cleaning Up Mt. Everest
What better way to return from the Memorial Day weekend, renewed and invigorated, than with some high-minded content about an image you would have thought couldn't have been tarnished, that of towering Mt. Everest. The Himalayan reports that 4,010 kilograms of waste materials (8,840.5 pounds) have been retrieved from the mighty mountain by a cleanup team.

"...The team," advises The Himalayan's post, "involved army personnel from Nepal and India as part of the Joint Sagarmatha Mountaineering and Cleanliness Campaign 2013. Collected waste will be disposed of without causing any impact to the environment, according to the committee. Increased traffic and haphazard disposal of non-degradable waste has increased pollution on the world's tallest mountain, thereby tarnishing its image."

Now that Mt. Everest's pristine image has been restored by some hearty (we suspect heroic) effort, all success in dealing with lesser challenges in the vales and crannies of your own practices! No haphazard tactics, please.

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